Born and raised in Fell’s Point, Charlie is a true local that had a desire for something more than his humble beginnings. His relentless drive and determination stemmed from his experience in the U.S. Navy and putting himself through Electrical Engineering School at the University of Maryland. He enjoys balancing the intellectual with the creative as a locally-performing musician—one of his many passions. His drive within his technical career field lead to the position of Vice President of a Defense contracting company supporting Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Ultimately, his love for Baltimore and the desire to connect with his neighbors dictated a career change, and Real Estate was the perfect fit. Dedicating himself to connect others with the perfect place to work, play and live is a job he is very passionate about. Knowing the local landscape as well as he does makes him great at making those connections.

Charlie donates his musical talents to hospice and cancer charities each year. He’s also involved in his community as a volunteer for Big Brothers, Big Sisters, BARCS, Musicians on Call (playing bedside for Vets, children and cancer patients) and at local community events like the Fell’s Point Festival. He loves giving back!

In his free time, Charlie enjoys cycling (road and mountain), hiking, backcountry backpacking, camping, kayaking, Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP), and enjoying the local venues of Southeast Baltimore.